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2020-21 Incoming Faculty

Despite challenges associated with the current public health emergency, we had a very successful round of faculty recruitments for the general campus. The current list of new hires is below. Stay tuned for updates as appointments in process are finalized.

Arts & Humanities


Nydia Pineda de Avila, Assistant Professor 


Carol Arcos Herrera, Assistant Professor
Amanda Batarseh, Assistant Professor
Amy Sara Caroll, Associate Professor
Edward Kelting, Assistant Professor  
Ariana Ruiz, Assistant Professor 

Theatre & Dance

Christopher Kuhl, Assistant Professor  


Marcos Balter, Professor  
Kamau Kenyatta, Teaching Professor 

Visual Arts

Mehmet Akten, Assistant Professor 

Biological Sciences

Mikio Aoi, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with HDSI) 

Andreas Ernst, Assistant Professor 

Claire Meaders, Assistant Teaching Professor 

Keefe Reuther, Assistant Teaching Profesor

School of Global Policy & Strategy

David Fortunato, Associate Professor 

Kyle Handley, Associate Professor 

Morgan Levy, Assistant Professor 

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

Mikio Aoi, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Biological Sciences)

Mikhail Belkin, Professor 

Stuart Geiger, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Communication) 

Zhiting Hu, Assistant Professor 
Arya Mazumdar, Associate Professor 

Yusu Wang, Professor 

Berk Ustun, Assistant Professor 

Babak Salimi, Assistant Professor 

Barna Saha, Associate Professor (Joint hire with Computer Science & Engineering) 

Jacobs School of Engineering


Brian Aguado, Assistant Professor 

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nicholas Antipa, Assistant Professor
Mingu Kang, Assistant Professor
Karcher Morris, Teaching Professor
Florian Meyer, Assistant Professor (joint appt. with SIO)
Yuanyuan Shi, Assistant Professor
Yatish Turakhia, Assistant Professor
Yang Zheng, Assistant Professor

Computer Science & Engineering

Tzu-Mao Li, Assistant Professor
Kristin Vaccaro, Assistant Professor
Rose Yu, Assistant Professor
Barna Saha, Associate Professor (Joint hire with HDSI) 

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Sylvia Herbert, Assistant Professor
Paricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor
Stephanie Lindsey, Assistant Professor
Vlado (Marko) Lubarda, Teaching Professor
Lisa Poulikakos, Assistant Professor
Aaron Rosengren, Assistant Professor
Lonnie Petersen, Assistant Professor


Zeinab Jahed, Assistant Professor

Physical Sciences

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Fleur Ferguson, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Skaggs School of Pharmacy)
Shaowei Li, Assistant Professor
Nathaniel Romero, Assistant Professor
Johannes Schoenberg, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Pharmacology)
Kimberly Schurmeier, Associate Teaching Professor
Julia Stauber, Assistant Professor


Aaron Pollack, Assistant Professor
Xiaochuan Tian, Assistant Professor
Zhouli Xu, Assistant Professor


Mattia Serra, Assistant Professor
Jessica Arlett,  Teaching Professor 

Rady School of Management

Anya Samek, Associate Professor

Social Sciences

Cognitive Science

Jason Fleischer, Assistant Teaching Professor Deanna Greene, Assistant Professor


Stuart Geiger, Assistant Professor (joint appointment with HDSI)
Lillian Walkover, Teaching Professor (joint appointment with Global Health)


David Arnold, Assistant Teaching Professor
Juan Herreño, Assistant Professor
Denis Shiskin, Assistant Professor
Fabian Trottner, Assistant Professor
Emmanuel Vespa, Associate Professor
Steve Pak Yeung Wu, Assistant Professor

Education Studies

María José Aragón, Assistant Professor

Ethnic Studies

Kianna Middleton, Assistant Professor

Global Health

Lillian Walkover, Assistant Teaching Professor (joint appointment with Communication)

Political Science

Michael Joseph, Assistant Professor
Zeynep Pamuk, Assistant Professor
Samuel Elgin, Assistant Professor 


Dhananjay Bambah-Mukku, Assistant Professor
Nathaniel Chapman, Assistant Teaching Professor
Janna Dickenson, Assistant Teaching Professor


Michel Estefan, Assistant Teaching Professor
Richard Pitt, Associate Professor

Urban Studies & Planning

Lawrence Frank, Professor
Amy Lerner, Teaching Professor
Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell, Teaching Professor
Manuel Shvartzberg Carrio, Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Colleges

Seventh College

Jill Goldstein, Associate Teaching Professor